The Wedding Singer!

It was cousin Ant – aka #1

Stay tuned for more info – but right now enjoy reading about the cocktail hour!


12 Responses to “The Wedding Singer!”

  1. #6 Says:

    I have to say I enjoyed the nice Eye-talian song he sang. It was fun.

  2. ~Kat #8 Says:

    That was definitely my favorite Anthony singing moment! I understood 90% of it! I must say, I did miss New York, New York. But, as the Yankees lost to the Angels, it wouldn’t have been appropriate! LOL

  3. Elaine Says:

    Ant – you did a great job and Rob’s expressions were priceless “P R I C E L E S S” I say!

    I loved the facial expressions and the hand motions as well – added a nice touch!

    Can we see some of that tomato sauce weekend – you can sing while my dad plays the accordion!

  4. Big A #1 Says:

    Ok, ok. Let me clarify a few things. First of all, the song I sang was “Love is here to stay” by Frank Sinatra and it was dedicated to my Aunt Marion and Uncle Louie who have been married for 66 years as of the day before the wedding. I thought I did a decent job by the way! The second song was “Hey Gumbare” by Julius LaRosa and was sung at the request of Robert.

    I wanted to do NY, NY and also wanted Gene to sing “Summer Wind” but the DJ said there wasn’t enough time to do it. I did enjoy it though. I will also post the entire speech on the other other blog of Elaine’s.

  5. Elaine Says:

    Hey Ant!
    Glad you came around to read the review!
    You did an amazing job – I agree! I am just bad with names of songs!
    I forgot that was when we all got up to dance and the DJ picked us off couple by couple when he said “5 years or less sit down”, “10 years or less, sit down” I couldn’t believe Erick and I were still standing and then “15 years or less, sit down” and down we went!
    God Bless them 66 years wow – they were adorable! It was very touching – you were good and my review on the other post was meant as a joke 😉

  6. Big A #1 Says:

    I know, I was kidding too!!!

  7. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Hey, I looked up the lyrics online and it’s “Eh Cumpari”. I would put the link in, but I’m ignorant and don’t know how to do that!! Can someone teach me?!?! Please!!!
    You can do your own search at:

  8. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Actually, I think some of their spellings are off as well!!!

  9. Elaine Says:

    Here is the link to a Wikipedia article that gives a bit of trivia and the lyrics, still trying to find one with music
    AHH thanks Kat, that link you sent has many pop-ups and is freezing my computer!!!,_Cumpari

    Try this to hear a 29 second clip,,1100515-3543952-RMLO,00.html

  10. Elaine Says:

    I am having a tough time posting a comment on my own darn blog!
    What is up with this!

    Anyway – I forgot what I wanted to say! LOL

    Oh Yeah – Kat –
    You need to find the site you want.
    Go up to the address bar with your cursor – this is called the URL.
    Right click on the address to copy it. You may have to right click twice to get the copy button functioning.
    Go down and click on copy.
    Then drag the mouse to this comment box and paste by right clicking again and hitting paste!
    It may not show up as a link but once it goes through it will be – trust me. Also, you may want to hit the space bar just in case – sometimes you need a space to activate the link.
    Hope it helps.
    Try something – but not one that causes many pop-ups! LOL

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