I am Addicted to Advice Columns!

I read the paper every day.

Cover to Cover.

I even read Sunday’s Money and Careers Section as well as Cars! and Lifestyle. I may not know what I am digesting but I read it anyway.

I like to read the “how we met” stories especially in the Life section of Newsday. I enjoy solving the Sudoko puzzles as well – although I skip Monday and Tuesdays! They only rate * and ** respectively. I like Wednesday – Friday ***-*****; which get gradually harder to solve. I have serious problems with the six stars in a circle puzzle on Saturdays! At some point you have to start guessing, and I am not fond of that. (NOTE: I encourage my daughter to solve the Monday and Tuesday puzzles – good for the brain!)

I like to read the opinion letters in the editorial section. Although I must admit it is torture, as I disagree with most of what these morons have to say. But that is just my opinion.

What is particularly entertaining to me is the Advice Columns. I am amazed at what some people consider problems and am equally amazed that they have the gumption to write in! I find myself wondering if this is a form of a joke or are they this “troubled”. I know I should be giving examples of this – as any good writer would, but I just draw a blank at this time.

I was reading the paper today and I saw an interesting letter that I thought I might throw out there to anyone who happens to be reading my blog. So here it goes:

A mother (I believe) wrote in to say that her child was invited to the movies with a friend, so she gave him/her $10 just in case. Well it turns out that her child needed to pay for her ticket and any snacks she may have wanted. She continues to say that her son invites a friend out to dinner as a guest.  She pays for his tab (naturally). But the following day the boy comes over to pay back the money. The mother is upset and insists on not accepting that form of payback. She wants to know what is the protocol when inviting their children’s friends somewhere.

The advice columnist’s answer was a personal one – she said what she does.  If it is the movies, she pays the way. If the child has money (just in case) and insists on paying for snacks with their own money, she allows them to – otherwise she is prepared to treat!  She suggests that the mother of the boy had good intentions by wanting to pay back the parents but it was in a rude manner.  She should repay by reciprocation – as in treat her son to a dinner next time.

I agree – but does everyone else say?

My daughter was invited to go bowling, to the movies, etc. with others. First, I am not too keen on letting my daughter go anywhere with people I don’t especially know. I gave my daughter $20 when she went bowling – she came back with very minimal left-over. She bought snacks and tokens (to play games). It was expensive! The parents were bowling and let the two 11 year olds roam around in the other areas. I said that would be fine as long as they check in regularly with her parents and that they do not leave each other’s side. But that was when I dropped her off – had I known this beforehand I may have nicely rejected the offer.  But I could have had taken her home, but I allowed it as I think my daughter and this girl are responsible, however, I was uneasy with “others” around – as in I don’t trust anybody.

If I invite someone for company to the movies, I invite the family in this manner, “We are going to see the 8 PM showing of “—” would you guys like to meet us there. I knew you said you were anxious to see it and I was wondering if you were available this evening.” I think in that way, you are saying we pay our own way – they can decline or accept. Unless of course I state “my treat” but with movie tickets costing what they do – I would be nuts!  Now if I was the one who took the kids to the concession stand – I would reach in my pocket and pay for them.  And she can get next time!  But if I called and said, “Hi we are going to see the 8 PM showing of “—–” and Ericka would like to know if Bri can come along with us.” Even if she brought her own money to pay for her admission – I would say no. I have it. End. of. story. I invited – I am driving – I am paying. Ditto for mini-golf or any other form of entertainment.

Now I’d like to hear your opinion – should kids pay their own way?

Inquiring minds want to know. And if you find yourself in a situation with assuming the person is paying for your child and your child has no money – how would you feel about that and what would you do?


3 Responses to “I am Addicted to Advice Columns!”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Very interesting questions you raise. I would be under the same assumptions as you and I would also pose things in the same manner. That is if I said we will meet you there (pay own way)or if your child would like to join us we would love to have them. However, as a parent, I think I would always send my child with money in their poket and tell them that it is for emergency only. If Mr and Mrs. so and so pay and no other emergencies arise, I expect the $20.00 back.

  2. Elaine Says:

    We are on the same page there.
    Ericka heard it from me when she got home – that I expected change, well, I really expected the whole lot returned. We had a long discussion – they really need to know how to handle their money better. That comes from Erick always stealing it away from them and tucking it away in the bank and not letting them manage their money. I say they need SOME money to “fool” around with and learn.

  3. Jade Says:

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