I Seem to Be Getting A Lot of Traffic On My Other Blog

I am enraged.

Should I be?

Or am I losing my sense of humor?

Apparently on another blog someone commented by posting a picture of a Dorito bag (an unusual bag – as it appears to have Oriental writing and depicts two men fighting with one man’s foot on the other’s you know what). Once you click on the picture it directs you to this post on my other blog.

The referring post has something to do with Saddam Hussein and South Park. Other bloggers (commenters) had no idea what the connection was – they started guessing thinking it was something to do with sanctions or with me beating my children.  But he goes on to explain “Saddam -> Doritos -> Beatings -> Fat Chicks.” (NOTE: I will not give this person the satisfaction of linking to his comment)

Does he have the right to place a picture that actually links to my site? I don’t know what to make of this, but it annoys me.

But why?

Is it because he thinks I am a fat chick? Or is it that he linked deceitfully to me – I don’t mind the link but to link through a picture? I think I am upset because it is a little bit of both. I am trying to be mature about this and be a good sport – but is this good blog etiquette? 

I am resigned to the fact that this person is an ignorant fool, and I shouldn’t be upset about it, but I can’t help but feel a bit annoyed.

Whatever, this particular post has directed over 170 views of my post in less than 12 hours. I am not sure about the mentality of those that read the other blog, but perhaps they may appreciate what they view on my site. That may not be such a bad thing – or is it??


2 Responses to “I Seem to Be Getting A Lot of Traffic On My Other Blog”

  1. Dan Says:

    Some people feel so badly about themselves that they need to tear others down to build themselves up. Pay them no mind, in the end they’ll still be down below while you’re up above.

  2. Elaine Says:

    ~ Thanks for the supportive comment.
    I am a lot calmer today! It is what it is! It just goes to show you – you are out there – you can’t tuck yourself away in a nice little corner of the Internet – once you are out there – you are out there! For ALL to see.

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