A Tangle in the Vine

I was anxiously awaiting Labor Day.

We all were.

We even discussed it at the wedding!

But we hit into a snag.

Big Ant #1 will take off on Friday and run around NJ looking at different wholesale markets.

Can we find someone to supply us with 30 bushels of tomatoes?

The lady we normally get our tomatoes from for the past 8 years informed us on Wednesday that due to the weather she will be unable to accommodate our request!


71°F 21°C
62°F 16°C


70°F 21°C
67°F 19°C


75°F 23°C
66°F 18°C

This is the weather forecast for the weekend! Nice huh! But we are prepared – we have tents and we always make due no matter what.

But the weather was horrendous the past few days. That is what did the crop in. So now we sit in limbo wondering what to do.  OK Ant – we are counting on you! – no pressure! 🙂


4 Responses to “A Tangle in the Vine”

  1. Aunt L Says:

    According to Aunt F, tomatoes or no tomatoes, rain or no rain, the foodfest is still on! Therefore, we are all proceeding accordingly. See you all (or most of you) at Peccia headquarters either Saturday, Sunday or possibly even Monday!

  2. Elaine Says:

    I will try my best – barring any obstacles from Ernesto to be there this weekend on Sunday.

    Dan’s scrimmage was moved from Sat. to Fri. evening – so that is no longer an issue, but Wolf is! I have no one to watch him if I go to NJ overnight – but I want to enjoy the foodfest!

    Dan wants me to ask my in-laws to watch the dog so we can spend the night. I have to see what the weather is like first!

    Darn tropical storm!

  3. Back To School - A Mixture of Feelings « Way 2 Much Says:

    […] And then a few weeks later it is Labor Day – the last hurrah! And usually we cap off the summer by canning and preserving our own tomato sauce for the upcoming year. (This year it did not happen. But we did get together that weekend anyway – there is nothing more important than family – and if you are blessed like I am – your family is the BEST! ) […]

  4. Elaine Says:

    They may be doing 21 bushels of tomatoes this weekend. But only those over the age of 40 are invited! Am I right with this??
    As I was told to stay home! 😦

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