Back To School – A Mixture of Feelings

Labor Day weekend is gone.

For the most part it was a wash-out.

My summer is officially over come tomorrow – the kids go back to school.  I just saw a commercial for investing and it shows a man swinging a young boy at a park.  After a while, it transforms that boy into a young man and the voice-over says something along the lines of “times goes by so quickly” or “before you know it, they’re all grown up, so invest wisely.”

It is so true.

I was just watching some home videos and saw my “little boy” at age 8 or so.  He is now 14 but looks like an 18 year.  It is scary.  And then there was my 11 year old daughter at age 4 – giving the camera her dirty looks! She was such a snot, but a cute one at that!  It made me sad – where did the time go.

And now here we are – on the brink of High School and Middle School. They are excited and so am I – but I am also sad.  Here I am a 36 year old mom – feeling oh so old.  I long for the years where we sat on the floor, assembling a puzzle, playing memory, studying flash-cards (or in the case with my daughter – ripping them apart!), playing other board games such as CandyLand, Chutes and Ladders, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Arthur goes to the Library, Game of the Year, etc.

I try to treasure every minute I have with my family. It is hard. At times they argue and I can’t wait for the day they are back in school, and then they are so wonderful again and I want time to freeze.

This summer had a nice steady pace to it, but yet I am not willing to let it go. But I have no choice – the weather is fall-like, so the idea of going back to school is not a dreaded one – it feels like school weather! It would be so hard if it was 90 degrees and sunny, and hearing the beach calling out to you – “guys come on down, enjoy the sand and waves and the pier – you know you love to jump off the pier!”

Once the 4th of July is here – the countdown begins.

Two weeks later it is my birthday!

Then it is August and you say to yourself – where did the time go? Summer is almost over. (NOTE: here in the Northeast, school begins after Labor Day – unlike my Southeast friends whose children begin early August – for them summer is truly over – in the sense of school vacation).

Then I milestone it further by my brother’s birthday – the 14th – how more in the middle of August can you get?!

And then a few weeks later it is Labor Day – the last hurrah! And usually we cap off the summer by canning and preserving our own tomato sauce for the upcoming year. (This year it did not happen. But we did get together that weekend anyway – there is nothing more important than family – and if you are blessed like I am – your family is the BEST! 😛 )

So here I am, getting ready for school – well getting my children ready for school. Ericka still doesn’t have a “first day back to school outfit”! Dan doesn’t care what he wears! And I am blogging! Some things never change!

Seriously, I have other things to write about, but I will just leave this one post off with a final comment. I am seriously busy getting them ready for the big day tomorrow. I have so much to say regarding my past weekend at my aunt’s house. (Sorry Big A – I know it is yours as well – but I just keep referring it to hers! 🙂 ) I  hope I get to write about it before all thoughts escape my head – but I have them all to refresh my memory! 😉

So enjoy catching up with my blog – if it has been awhile –

or – for new viewers, Welcome – feel free to peruse and comment wherever you see fit.

I also have a comment from one of my past blogs – it deserves its own post, not to be buried in comment #133. So look for that new post as well – or in the mean-time just click on the above link and it will direct you to it.

Take care of yourselves and here’s to a safe and productive NEW school year!


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