Remind me why we are in Iraq again


I am tired of everyone questioning why we are in Iraq. 

Would you rather fight a war here?

No – no one wants to fight anywhere. And we shed a tear everyday that one of our young men or women are slain or held hostage because of this never-ending war.  But listen, my friends, the terrorists are in Iraq and other countries including OURS (US); they are world-wide trying to take over the Mid-East and everywhere else. They are trying to intimidate those that don’t agree with them.


We lost too many lives, and these children will never EVER know their fathers like most of us were fortunate enough to have.  Their father’s were ripped away from them in a most horrific manner.  We tracked the terrorists down and we are fighting them. There are Way2Much of them in this world, and it will take a long time to be rid of them. But it is a battle worth fighting.

Just so that there will NEVER be another 700 babies wondering “Would daddy approve of who I am?”, “Would he love me if he were alive?”

My heart goes out to all these children, and I hope when they are young men and women themselves, they do not feel the pressure to have to live up to anyone’s [elevated] standards, but I do hope they are fine, upstanding young men and women and they don’t have any burdens carried on their shoulders. They all deserve our prayers, and I, for one, will always keep them in mine.

Won’t you do the same too.

God Bless America – we all should unite and stay united.

Remember divide and conquer. They will conquer if we divide.


3 Responses to “Remind me why we are in Iraq again”

  1. helenl Says:

    Unite, and demand that Dubya bring our soldiers home from a senseless wat that he never should have begun.

  2. Elaine Says:

    I welcome your visit and appreciate your comments on your thoughts and respect your opinion.
    As much as it hurts me to see our young (and older) soldiers giving their lives for this war, I do not believe it is senseless.

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