New Rounded Theme!

WordPress came out with another theme that I like and I feel it actually works great with my blog!

Sometimes I find themes I like and once I try it out I realize it doesn’t go with the flow. I am not crazy about the colors but it is neutral enough. Those that know me well – know that my favorite color in the world is PURPLE! But anything that I can find that incorporates that color is “icky”!

So I would love some feedback – I hate keeping it the same all the time, I like to change it up a bit. What are your thoughts, do you like it? It’s the same ole blog just a different look!


PS – You have to see the cool comments section – so you must leave a reply!!


3 Responses to “New Rounded Theme!”

  1. way2much Says:

    Not sure if this theme will stick guys.
    Upon further examination, I realize I don’t like how the smileys are positioned nor how my pictures are placed within my older posts.
    I will give it a few new post to see if I like it or not. Plus when we go to comments section, my sidebar drops down quite a bit.
    I guess I will stick it out for a bit then I may find myself back to “Silver is the New Black” theme that I had before.
    I guess I am more afraid of change than I thought! LOL

  2. Maria Toth Says:

    Woah! Brown and green.. interesting choice!

    Just stumbled across your blog on day 3 of my life in blogging world!

    God bless
    Maria Toth

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