Things keeping me busy these days…

  1. Taking orders for the middle school yearbook
  2. still organizing my basement
  3. taking pictures for middle school yearbook
  4. walking 4 miles a day
  5. MITIprayer group for middle schoolers
  6. MITIprayer group for high schoolers
  7. teaching 2nd graders Religion to prepare them for Reconciliation in January and First Holy Communion in April 2007
  8. preparing for Christmas
  9. stressing over taking two classes in Spring
  10. chauffeuring my two children to: lacrosse practice, dance lessons, twirling (baton) lessons, guitar lessons, and scout meetings – at least football and cheering are over!

Not to mention:

  1. maintaining the house – keeping it clean
  2. prepping dinner every day – tricky when afternoons are hectic!
  3. keeping up with the laundry – why does it mount up so much?
  4. clearing out my junk e-mail – not to mention the regular mail
  5. arguing with asinine customer service reps at credit card companies that seem to charge me late fees when – of all things – I am early with my bills!
  6. stressing over paying said bills! (usually between the 20th of one month to the 10th of the following month! – which gives me 10 days to breathe easy, except of course if I am PMS-ing at that time!)
  7. referee-ing my children when they act up – not often but usually during those 10 days as stated above!
  8. washing dishes that accumulate in the sink during the day – at least 3 times I am standing there (no – I don’t have a dishwasher – I AM THE DISHWASHER!)

Why does it seem to be so much more than it does when you write them down! I don’t feel like I have 10 minutes to myself, yet when reading this over, it appears like it can all be done in a few hours! I guess the running around takes up most of the time – and energy!


Two More Classes!

I started this blog last year. January of 2006 to be exact.

The reason why I began this blog was because it was mandatory for the class that I was taking. I enjoyed it. I got an “A” in the class. I continued to blog!

It was an online class – I will not get into the specifics of the class –  you could read my archives to the right during the months of January – April/early May and you will get a feel for the class content!

Ok – I took the summer off and even this Fall. Not purposely. I wanted to take another class but life got in the way! But this time I didn’t let it pass me by. I registered for two more classes for a total of 6 credits. Being a stay at home mother of two children who happen to keep me quite busy, I am hoping I can handle the load!

I will be taking a Promotional Writing class (mandatory for my degree in Communications) and an Advertising class as well. Both are online classes which is great since I do not live near Buffalo – where I will be getting my degree from!

After these two classes, I will only need 4 more credits to earn my degree! Woo- Hoo! And then it is graduate school for me to earn my Masters in Education! I have been teaching Sunday school (on Wednesdays!) for the past 8 years. I have a lot of experience in the classroom.  I just need this degree to get a job that will pay me!

I think I will take the extra 4 credits at Empire State College. I think I will enroll in the Nutrition class! It will not help me with my profession, but I think it will come in handy in life! Cause I’m not exactly eating the best I could! You know what I mean!

Another interesting class is History of Math. People look at me like I am crazy when I say that, but hey – I like Math, and the history of it seems intriguing to me – so why not. I contemplated taking some family dynamics classes, figuring it will come in handy dealing with the children and their parents! So sociology classes and psychology classes seem fitting. But all I need is an additional 4 more credits! So I will decide in a few months what to do with those! If I had the time, and the money – I would be a professional student! I love learning, I love the classroom – that is why I want to be a teacher! Ironic that I am taking online classes though!

Attention Lost Fans…

I found this to be interesting!

It is the Top 50 Loose Ends on Lost. It is on another site. IGN is the name and they discuss video games, television, etc.

It will take a while to read, so sit back and enjoy!

My Avatar

I noticed while looking at my stats that my avatar image has been given me most of my readers.

I guess they search for Wolf and come up with my picture – well not “my” as in what I look like, but “my” as in I took that snapshot of my dog! He is actually a Siberian Husky and I wanted to name him ICE because of his beautiful blue eyes.

Follow me here. My husband says no -he wanted to name him Nanook. But then changed his mind and decided to call him Wolfgang – because he looked like a Wolf – obviously – and because my husband is a BIG Van Halen fan and Eddie’s son is named Wolfgang.  I know. You don’t have to tell me – LAME. But what are you going to do.

My son – then 3 at the time, decided to call him ICE-WOLFIE. Later on the Ice was dropped and Wolfie prevailed. Eventually it became just Wolf!

Wolf is now almost 11 years old. He is getting old. He isn’t as active as he used to be. He is such a wonderful pet though. Always was. Very gentle with little kids. I never had to worry – but I did (cautious). Every night he creeps into each of the kids’ rooms, turns around and finally settles onto his bed in the living room. He has to make sure everyone is tucked in before he turns himself in. If it wasn’t for the hair all over my house – he would be perfect!

Just look at those eyes! (You can see my avatar in comments on my posts!)

So My Son is Maturing….

He actually is worried about his report card!

We get the results right before Thanksgiving – how sweet of the district to do that to the children and the families!

What is amazing is that my son is not content with Bs any more!

He is actually upset with 2 Bs – and is hoping and praying for an A in Band so that he will get a 3.75 GPA – who is this child?!

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I Do Have a Daughter…

I have been posting about my son the past few times….but my daughter is a blessing as well. She adjusted nicely to middle school and is very conscientious about her work. I am anxious to see her report card as well.

I always emphasize to my children – as long as you try your best I am happy. My son is naturally intelligent, so to see inadequate grades is aggravating. Missing homework and reports are the culprits.  My daughter on the other hand studies and works hard. So I am always pleased with her grades – no matter what. She is never missing any work.

But personally, she is going through her tender tween years. Adolescence! God grant me patience!

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As You Know I am A Lost Fan….

But I must say, I am not overly thrilled with this season so far.

However, I will not whine that questions have not been answered. I like that about the show.  I just like to chill out and watch and speculate on my own. I thought I enjoyed trying to figure out what is what while researching on the net and playing along with all the games the producers lay out there for their fans. But you know what…I don’t like it anymore.  It takes up too much of my time!

These past 6 episodes though really didn’t give us much information about the villagers (others?). Why are they there? What are their purpose? Do they have anything to do with Dharma?

What in the world happened to Penelope? They seemed to have left that up in the air – are they pretending that last season didn’t end with this woman getting a phone call saying they think they found him? Who was the him they are referring to? Desmond? I assume.  At first I thought Juliet was Penelope yet they (others) ask Jack if he thought she looked like his ex-wife! That isn’t what I thought!

So this show is pretty interesting…although I was looking forward to the season opener and did enjoy the first episode, the rest really didn’t flow. Therefore, I am not that anxious for the return in February. However, I am curious how they will play it out. Will Jack save Ben? What would be the consequences be for his stunt? What is up with Juliet? Is Ben in on her little scheme? Will they kill Sawyer? They better not – I will NEVER watch it again if they do!

I want to also find out what happened to crazy French lady (Danielle) and why her daughter is following in her crazy footsteps! What I hate most is when things are brought up and then dropped. Or when new characters pop up out of nowhere (can anyone say Nikki and Paulo)! What is up with that?

So I will end my tirade now and patiently wait for February for the season to continue. In the meantime I will hope Santa (yes I am a grown woman!) will bring me Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD!!

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