As You Know I am A Lost Fan….

But I must say, I am not overly thrilled with this season so far.

However, I will not whine that questions have not been answered. I like that about the show.  I just like to chill out and watch and speculate on my own. I thought I enjoyed trying to figure out what is what while researching on the net and playing along with all the games the producers lay out there for their fans. But you know what…I don’t like it anymore.  It takes up too much of my time!

These past 6 episodes though really didn’t give us much information about the villagers (others?). Why are they there? What are their purpose? Do they have anything to do with Dharma?

What in the world happened to Penelope? They seemed to have left that up in the air – are they pretending that last season didn’t end with this woman getting a phone call saying they think they found him? Who was the him they are referring to? Desmond? I assume.  At first I thought Juliet was Penelope yet they (others) ask Jack if he thought she looked like his ex-wife! That isn’t what I thought!

So this show is pretty interesting…although I was looking forward to the season opener and did enjoy the first episode, the rest really didn’t flow. Therefore, I am not that anxious for the return in February. However, I am curious how they will play it out. Will Jack save Ben? What would be the consequences be for his stunt? What is up with Juliet? Is Ben in on her little scheme? Will they kill Sawyer? They better not – I will NEVER watch it again if they do!

I want to also find out what happened to crazy French lady (Danielle) and why her daughter is following in her crazy footsteps! What I hate most is when things are brought up and then dropped. Or when new characters pop up out of nowhere (can anyone say Nikki and Paulo)! What is up with that?

So I will end my tirade now and patiently wait for February for the season to continue. In the meantime I will hope Santa (yes I am a grown woman!) will bring me Season 1 and Season 2 on DVD!!

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