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I noticed while looking at my stats that my avatar image has been given me most of my readers.

I guess they search for Wolf and come up with my picture – well not “my” as in what I look like, but “my” as in I took that snapshot of my dog! He is actually a Siberian Husky and I wanted to name him ICE because of his beautiful blue eyes.

Follow me here. My husband says no -he wanted to name him Nanook. But then changed his mind and decided to call him Wolfgang – because he looked like a Wolf – obviously – and because my husband is a BIG Van Halen fan and Eddie’s son is named Wolfgang.  I know. You don’t have to tell me – LAME. But what are you going to do.

My son – then 3 at the time, decided to call him ICE-WOLFIE. Later on the Ice was dropped and Wolfie prevailed. Eventually it became just Wolf!

Wolf is now almost 11 years old. He is getting old. He isn’t as active as he used to be. He is such a wonderful pet though. Always was. Very gentle with little kids. I never had to worry – but I did (cautious). Every night he creeps into each of the kids’ rooms, turns around and finally settles onto his bed in the living room. He has to make sure everyone is tucked in before he turns himself in. If it wasn’t for the hair all over my house – he would be perfect!

Just look at those eyes! (You can see my avatar in comments on my posts!)


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    Ok here is a comment so you can see my Wolf!

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