Things keeping me busy these days…

  1. Taking orders for the middle school yearbook
  2. still organizing my basement
  3. taking pictures for middle school yearbook
  4. walking 4 miles a day
  5. MITIprayer group for middle schoolers
  6. MITIprayer group for high schoolers
  7. teaching 2nd graders Religion to prepare them for Reconciliation in January and First Holy Communion in April 2007
  8. preparing for Christmas
  9. stressing over taking two classes in Spring
  10. chauffeuring my two children to: lacrosse practice, dance lessons, twirling (baton) lessons, guitar lessons, and scout meetings – at least football and cheering are over!

Not to mention:

  1. maintaining the house – keeping it clean
  2. prepping dinner every day – tricky when afternoons are hectic!
  3. keeping up with the laundry – why does it mount up so much?
  4. clearing out my junk e-mail – not to mention the regular mail
  5. arguing with asinine customer service reps at credit card companies that seem to charge me late fees when – of all things – I am early with my bills!
  6. stressing over paying said bills! (usually between the 20th of one month to the 10th of the following month! – which gives me 10 days to breathe easy, except of course if I am PMS-ing at that time!)
  7. referee-ing my children when they act up – not often but usually during those 10 days as stated above!
  8. washing dishes that accumulate in the sink during the day – at least 3 times I am standing there (no – I don’t have a dishwasher – I AM THE DISHWASHER!)

Why does it seem to be so much more than it does when you write them down! I don’t feel like I have 10 minutes to myself, yet when reading this over, it appears like it can all be done in a few hours! I guess the running around takes up most of the time – and energy!


One Response to “Things keeping me busy these days…”

  1. Shirley Says:

    You are busy, my dear. Take credit for it. 🙂


    Shirley Buxton

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