A New Theme To Get Us Through The Holidays!





I have been very busy – see my last post!

Christmas always has me running around in circles.

This year – Santa is very behind schedule – but that is OK since my kids are 14 and 11. They will understand.

But where can I find the Wii system anywhere! I read last month that the supply will outweigh the demand for this – better than PS3. Hah what a joke! I was in Best Buy the other day and they announced a shipment of PS3 but they couldn’t tell me when they would be getting Wii! I should have grabbed the PS3 but my son doesn’t want it! So why bother. My point is that I should never listen to anyone – and I should have purchased the Wii when it came out, before the hysteria. But lack of funds prevented me from doing such a thing. Now here it is 4.5 days away and I am Wii-less! (not to mention DS-lite lite!) Didn’t think that would be a problem getting either! Guess I was wrong!

So, taking a break from my shopping dilemmas,  I log onto WordPress and see my blog is getting much activity. I guess tis the season to look up naked girls! My Vanessa Williams post is out of control with an average of 700 hits a day.


Merry Christmas!