I have been very busy – see my last post!

Christmas always has me running around in circles.

This year – Santa is very behind schedule – but that is OK since my kids are 14 and 11. They will understand.

But where can I find the Wii system anywhere! I read last month that the supply will outweigh the demand for this – better than PS3. Hah what a joke! I was in Best Buy the other day and they announced a shipment of PS3 but they couldn’t tell me when they would be getting Wii! I should have grabbed the PS3 but my son doesn’t want it! So why bother. My point is that I should never listen to anyone – and I should have purchased the Wii when it came out, before the hysteria. But lack of funds prevented me from doing such a thing. Now here it is 4.5 days away and I am Wii-less! (not to mention DS-lite lite!) Didn’t think that would be a problem getting either! Guess I was wrong!

So, taking a break from my shopping dilemmas,  I log onto WordPress and see my blog is getting much activity. I guess tis the season to look up naked girls! My Vanessa Williams post is out of control with an average of 700 hits a day.


Merry Christmas!


3 Responses to “Observation”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Elaine, hope your day has been happy and blessed.


  2. ~Kat Says:

    Wow!!! I had the same problem! Who knew that little DS lite would be so hard to find??? Nintendo sucks! Don’t they understand supply and demand? What pissed me off more was the stores not having enough common sense to put up a sign saying that they were sold out of them!!! Christmas went on w/o DS and a DS game took it’s place just to let him know it was coming!
    What are you going to do? You can’t do nothing! Except promise to start everything earlier next year!!! How many times have we done that?!!?!! ; )

    BTW-My brother thinks you tortured your kids to take that pic for the card! I liked it! But is there a cut off age for kid pic christmas cards?? Blog about that….inquiring minds like to know.

  3. way2much Says:

    Too funny!
    Do you like my new look?

    As far as DS-lite – Santa wrote a note for Ericka telling her that he will alert me when I can acquire the game. Like you, Santa left Nintendogs under the tree to let her know it was coming.

    He left a similar note for Wii – although Dan is not that interested in it! He says “tell Santa to just fix my Xbox!”

    Saves Santa some money! LOL
    I will blog about the photo card thing!
    I say until he is 30 I will still take pics!

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