Can You Sell Yourself?

This year I am taking two more classes (online) to satisfy my degree requirements.

Promotional Writing and Print Tech Advertising.

My first assignments for both these classes is to sell myself – no not my physical body! I am still getting the pervs reading my posts aren’t I?!

Anyway, I have to promote myself in a positive way – I would assume! I mean why would I want to describe myself as anything dull and boring – was that repetitive! Both classes expect me to be creative. I guess I need some work, because using dull and boring in the same sentence just won’t do! So I have my work cut out for me!

Well there you have it. I don’t have to blog for class this time around, but I will be doing my fair share of writing! As for advertising, I have to write a 30 second commercial about myself. Now that is going to be tricky! That is not the only tricky part of this class – seems he (as in the professor) wants us to get together as a group to form an ad “agency” for our final project.  This is tricky since I am from NYC area of NY and the college is in Buffalo – I don’t think I can do any road trips – not when I have kids to take care of. So I have to contact him to see if there is anyone from around here – slim chance – there is only 25 in the class.  So I am not sure what can be done. We shall see!


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