Anyone shocked over Anna Nicole’s Death?

I log online and the headline hits me – Anna Nicole Smith dead at 39!

I was in total shock.  My 12 year old daughter wants to know who she is!

This woman is a few years older than I.  I remember when she married the 89 year old billionaire – some 67 years older than she.  I thought she was just a money hungry slut – beautiful but ugly – if you know what I mean.  All guys my age – actually any age – drooled over her body and did who knows what with the pictures from Playboy. 

I couldn’t help compare myself to her – would I – could I marry and perhaps sleep with a man older than my grandfather? What was she thinking – even all the money in the world wouldn’t make me do that. It just disgusted me.  As a young mother myself, I put her life aside and concentrated on mine.

She gets fat, she is out of favor with the public – she has this legal battle with her (older) step-son.  And on and on.  She comes back in a reality show, she loses weight, becomes spokesperson for Trimspa and is back in the limelight.  Then tragedy strikes her and I felt for her loss. Her son, baring the same name as my own, dies tragically while visiting her after she gave birth to his little sister.  The emotions this poor woman (and I say this because no one should go through what she did in that short of time) went through was intolerable. The highs of giving birth – new life and then mourning the pride of her life, her son at such a young age.

I guess it was all too much for her. I have no idea what she died from, as nothing has been said.  My thought is that she couldn’t get through this – she may have overdosed herself. With the paternity test of her daughter being mandated by the courts, it was all too much for her to handle. I do not know why she was fighting against it so much. I guess we will never know. This woman was clearly a tortured soul. I hope she is at peace now. But something tells me her spirit is not at rest.

I am not sure why this affects me so much.  I couldn’t care less about her while she was alive. I certainly didn’t feel any ill will toward her, yet I wasn’t a fan either.  I suppose I just find it tragic – especially since she is just 2 years older than myself. 

I must end by saying – I wouldn’t push aside foul play either.  Time will tell – I suppose but then again – somethings are never really settled – things still remain mysteries and the life and death of Anna Nicole may just be one such example.


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  1. Christian Marketer Says:

    I think her death was sad because she was so obviously full of hurt and confusion.

    I thought the crying by the judge was very strange – it is rumored he wants his own TV show (Like Judge Judy)

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