What else could it be if not romance?

Not sure who is living with their head in the sand, so I will like to point out that archaeologists in Italy found two skeletons facing one another. Well instead of me repeating the story, I will direct your attention to and have you read the article here.

You must watch the video because it gives you a better look at the pair. However, if anyone can translate – I would much appreciate it!

Now, Valentine’s Day is approaching here.  We celebrate this on February 14.  It is mainly a commercial holiday in which lots of cards, candies, stuffed animals and jewelry are purchased for many woman who think they deserve these items just for being! Do I sound cynical? Anyway – this is what true romance is – not gift buying, no dinner by candlelight. Just love all the way to the end – love that last centuries for all to witness – now that is romantic.

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