Closing out Comments – Managing my Blog and Other Tidbits


I am getting a ton of SPAM comments on this blog.

As you can see I have not done much with it. I have been extremely busy taking college courses, raising my children, and volunteering every waking moment of my life.

I wanted to do more with the blog but the comments are just driving me crazy. I am not sure if I should delete it or just block comments.  I will try the latter of the two. For now.

So all my previous post will be blocked off from getting comments. I will see about this post and all others forward. I am sure it is because of the content in which I started this blog why I am getting all the sleaze spam messages.

As I hope you all know – this does not define me.  I despise adult rated material. I find it demeaning. Others will disagree. Like my husband – but it is not something I find appealing or enjoyable. I am not uptight nor am I boring. To each his own – but I do not appreciate links and the such that direct any potential reader of my blog to unsavory pictures or sites.

Hopefully this works – otherwise I will have to disable this entirely.

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