Where I am coming from!

I am a 35 year old married woman with 2 children.  I am taking an online course with the University of Buffalo.  This is the first time I am taking a class since leaving college 14 yrs ago. This is definitely the first time I am taking an online course and my first time ever blogging.

I have to admit when I first heard the title for the class "Cyberporn and Society" I considered dropping the course.  But getting my degree was more important than my personal feelings of degradation while viewing pornography.  So I figured I would deal with it and move on.  I am not a fan of the industry as you can easily tell by my blogs. But I have to admit there is so much material out there regarding pornography that I still have no idea about.  It is a fascinating topic and I am very happy I stuck with the class. Dr. Halavais presents the material and discusses the lectures with great professionalism, which makes the course content less offending and more intriguing.

I have a Catholic school education and my parents never discussed sex with me, except for the fact that I was expected to abstain until marriage.  I am not a prude nor do I force my values and beliefs on others, nor am I saying I adhered to my parents' expectations either.

I hope you enjoy my postings.  I hope they give all readers something to think about.  As a parent, I hope to bring forth a perspective most young adults have yet to consider.  I look forward to viewing their posts as well and perhaps learn to see things in a different light too.

I finished my class and got an A

I am very pleased.  I learned a lot from this course, not only about the topic itself but about blogging as well.

I decided to continue to blog and I am enjoying it.  I am still searching for the theme of  this site.  I decided to steer away from pornography unless I come across something that will have a positive impact on protecting the children.

So as you read through this blog you will notice I touch upon different topics of interest to me.  Much of it will be ranting and raving about family life! Enjoy


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  1. sarteeb Says:

    hi how are u and really i would like to knw u

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