McDonalds’s or is it Burger King? – see it really isn’t effective advertising!




I am talking about the commercial advertising McDonald’s – I am pretty sure it is McD’s because I can kind of hum the “I’m lovin’ it” tune to the music I think I hear!

I just saw the commercial for the first time while watching LOST last night on NBC – love the show – but I digress. 

I will list all the reasons why I HATE THIS COMMERCIAL

  1. All the bleeps get annoying
  2. It is stupid
  3. All the bleeps get annoying

You know, I just guess it is the bleeping that just annoys me.  Anyway, I thought it was funny the first time I saw it.  It was cute, quirky, different.  It just shows that the company is trying to be “with the times” so to say.  Appeal to the younger crowd.  Their slogan is “so good it’s obscene!” or something like that.

Now, the first time was funny, the next thousand times I heard it, within this 24 hour period, made me crazy.  All the bleeps.  I would rather hear the cursing than the (insert your own favorite word(s) here) bleeps in the commercial.

Now is this effective advertising? NO – because although I am pretty sure it is for McDonald’s – it could very well be for BK!

HMM – I think McD’s knew what it was doing with “Will you hit this?” They have their mind in the gutter – it’s just obscene what they will do to make a profit!

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My Husband’s Birthday Wish!

Wow, I am behind this week, but I have a good excuse.  It was my husband’s birthday on the 5th and my daughter’s on the 6th!  I had the whole family coming over thing to deal with, so there was the preparations and shopping for presents which left me with little time to post.  Add to that the fact that my husband and I defragmented the computer and I deleted some files manually and I think I did something that prevented me from accessing my wordpress site.  So I had some difficulty and obstacles in my way this week.

So last night I had my family over and my husband wanted my daughter to get down to opening her presents, having cake and ushering the family out the door so he could get his “real present” from me – so he tells my brother anyway!  I disappointed him!  I seem to be too sexed out from the coursework to do anything remotely real!

Seriously though, I watched the lectures about starting our own porn website and heard Dr. Halavais’ assignment and thought to myself, he can’t be serious! I don’t know if it was the fact that I had a lot on my mind this week or that the topic just wasn’t that intriguing to me.  I have no desire to start up a website, much less one that provides pornography, even if it is just to see how much (or little) money I can make.

But I did search the internet to investigate how I would start if I intended to venture into the business.  After all, this was a proposed assignment.  I remembered about the AVS sites, which is more like a scam to make money than actually verifying age because any child can go into their parent’s wallet and grab a credit card and have a field day. 

I did a quick google search and came up with this clever website. It is hysterical.  It answers a lot of questions with humor.  On this particular page, the site goes on to answer questions on how porn sites make money – much like what Dr. Halavais mentioned in his lecture.

My problem now is coming up with a niche that has not been tried or exploited.  I thought of toe sucking, it’s been done, then I thought of “underwater intercourse”. Don’t know why, it just popped into my mind. Any psychologist want to take a gander as to why that might be…anyway…I googled it and it did not come up with much except for a love-making guide. Then I googled “underwater sex” instead and of course I got the fantasy finder search engine and I thought ok it has been done as well.  But NO – it only had 3 matches and it really wasn’t a match.  Hmm maybe I am on to something here!  So perhaps that is a niche worth exploring!

Now where would I go for advertising and generating money other than the AVS and memberships.  I suppose I can use banner ads, and I can sell items that pertain to the pool and the bath, such as loofah sponges, soaps, rafts, etc.  Oh, I can think of a million mainstream items!  And perhaps I can swap ads with a pool company! What a shock some of them will get when they enter my site, but once they are there, perhaps they will drown in their adrenaline or testoterone! Perhaps they’ll enter my site through one of my least favorite ways, blind links.  I despise those.  It is known that I am a little on the naive side.  Not until hearing last week’s lecture did I realize that these links intentionally misled! Can you imagine the nerve and the unethical practice that is!  We are being manipulated into clicking on this link and it is not what we anticipated it being! Up until now, I thought the link was an accident or it has been switched and no one updated the site to warn them.  Little did I know they did this intentionally.  Nothing aggravates me more than that – so perhaps I won’t use them, but wait, if I am going to start a site, I might as well throw ALL my ethic values out the window!

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My children are starving….

I got your attention!

While reading the blogs this morning….and everyday since beginning this class, I came across one I would like to comment on.  Actually, I would love to comment on everyone's but like this title says, there is not enough time in a week and I really have to go food shopping to stock my home so my children can eat!  (Can you believe they are complaining!)

Which brings me to my response to MightyMo who asks "I just don’t understand how an industry can be so large and people know virtually nothing about it? "  Well, my belief is that pornography is a lot like alcohol and gambling and drugs.  I believe it is an addiction and once you get a taste of it, you can't get enough. 

Take my example for starters.  I never heard of Danni or her website, never heard of or AVN, etc, etc. I can go on and on.  My husband, who I have stated in other postings, is like any other male in this world – if he is able to see a naked girl, or two having sex with each other or another male or whatever, he is going to watch.  I added to his pleasure by emailing him the cartoon of Bert and Ernie.  I thought it was funny!  Anyway, so did he.  I showed him the website although I typed in  I introduced him to another site he knew nothing about!  Good going!  I am an idiot – but I digress.

My main point and to answer the question, is that this is addicting, even for me.  There is so much out there that we do not know about, so how could it be so successful?  Because the few that are in it, support it in a big way.  I have never been to Foxwoods, Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but gambling is a big industry as well.  (Although this is a poor example since most people, unless living in isolation, have heard of these places.)

I believe the majority of the population have not heard of these websites, companies, etc. because they are not looking for it.  Seek and you shall find.  Seek more and you shall find more.  Seek more and you will want more. And you will pay for it.  And even though there is a large population enjoying it, there is even a larger population not even knowing it exists. But the ones that know it is there are dropping every penny into the industry to keep themselves satisfied and the big companies happy too!  That is how it is such a big money maker.  It is an addiction and like most addictions, people will pay big to feed it.