My Annual Christmas Card

No – not posting a picture up here.  Although I must say they are 2 of the best looking youngsters around! But I may be partial!

My cousin thinks I tortured my son (14) by taking his picture in front of our tree for out annual card. He was beside his sister (11).  They insisted on adding our dog – see my avatar – in the picture as well!

Let’s just say Wolf was the most cooperative of the 3!

Seriously, my kids just don their outfits – they wore jeans, and a shirt. My son wore a red sweater and my daughter a white t-shirt that read “dear Santa, I want it ALL” – it was very appropriate! They were barefoot and stood in front of our decorated tree.

Naturally, the picture captured their entire body. But thanks to modern technology and the workings of my photoshop program, I cropped the picture to just their torso and the dog’s upper body! You couldn’t tell they were in jeans and had nothing on their feet! I ordered my cards through Costco online and the next day they were out in the mail! Most of the recipients received their cards just in time on December 23rd! (I am very last minute!)

Now I pose my question – is 14 too old for a picture card? What is the proper age to end? My kids don’t seem to mind, but are they secretly being tortured!

And one more question – how do you feel when you get those pictures as a card? What are your reactions – do you like it or are you repulsed by it. AND while we are on topic – what do you think about “letters” included in your cards – you know the ones – where they tell you what they have been up to the past 12 months!

Please respond – I really am curious – and so is Kat!


A New Theme To Get Us Through The Holidays!




I have been very busy – see my last post!

Christmas always has me running around in circles.

This year – Santa is very behind schedule – but that is OK since my kids are 14 and 11. They will understand.

But where can I find the Wii system anywhere! I read last month that the supply will outweigh the demand for this – better than PS3. Hah what a joke! I was in Best Buy the other day and they announced a shipment of PS3 but they couldn’t tell me when they would be getting Wii! I should have grabbed the PS3 but my son doesn’t want it! So why bother. My point is that I should never listen to anyone – and I should have purchased the Wii when it came out, before the hysteria. But lack of funds prevented me from doing such a thing. Now here it is 4.5 days away and I am Wii-less! (not to mention DS-lite lite!) Didn’t think that would be a problem getting either! Guess I was wrong!

So, taking a break from my shopping dilemmas,  I log onto WordPress and see my blog is getting much activity. I guess tis the season to look up naked girls! My Vanessa Williams post is out of control with an average of 700 hits a day.


Merry Christmas!