Yes, I am having one of THOSE days!

UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry study
A study conducted by UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle.
For example: If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features.
However, if she is menstruating or menopausal,she tends to be more attracted to a man with a spear lodged in his chest and duck tape over his mouth while he is on fire. 

No further studies are expected.


Happy Halloween!

Let me start off by explaining that I am very grateful I have a roof over my head that houses my family. We have heat, running water and electricity.  We enjoy the benefits of health insurance, dental coverage (to an extent) and we do not have any severe disabilities.

I b!tch moan and groan about bills and the cost of gas, but all in all we are lucky that I am able to put food on my table and my family doesn’t have many needs that go unmet. They have clothes, toys and friends. We’re good.

So why this post?

Why the ranting? and the raving?

I will tell you:

I live in a community that has all of the above and then some. I am not jealous (well maybe a little green 😉 ). JK. Put aside the kidding, I am happy for these individuals and I do not wish them any discord. What bothers me is the town officials and the school board and the teachers all think we are privileged like the others.

We are not. The majority of us are not.

With this said, school supply shopping can put a dent in my budget. I would like to have taken advantage of sales and shopped during the summer for supplies. But my daughter’s supply list was just made available to us this past week.  A few days later, I go supply shopping.  I go to the major chain of stores, Office Depot, Staples, Target even CVS. Guess what! Nothing is left! Everyone went shopping in the middle of July! I don’t blame them. If I had the opportunity to take advantage of all the sales, I would have done so as well.  Now I could have taken a gander as to what my children would need, but you see there is a problem with that! The teachers want things to be color coded.

That is right!

Math needs to be green.

Social Studies needs to be red, etc.

You get the point. They need a 1 inch binder, no make it a 2 inch binder, or is it a 1.5 inch binder. They need colored composition notebooks to match – along with folders as well. So you see I couldn’t just pick up anything – I had to wait and see what demands they made first. Did I mention they are particular over soft cover, hard cover, plastic or what-have-you type binders! I kid you not.

So the stores are wiped out! And now my son comes home with his list from the first day of school! His is not too bad, but had I known what he would need I could have saved about $100. Now I have to pay top dollar and scout all over for these supplies, as the stores are barren!

It is ridiculous.

And to top things off – not only did school supplies reach the shelves early July (right after school let out!) but the stores are now stocked for Halloween! Enjoy your holiday!