What was your favorite Superbowl Ad?

One word to describe Superbowl XLI Commercials this year…..





Ok – so there are more words.  So my question is which ad agency got the ax? Someone certainly had to lose their job over this atrocity! I mean the only company that came out looking decent was once again Budweiser! They were on the violent side (think rock, paper, scissors! – and the fist bump is out/let’s slap each other on the face!), but they reached their target audience – mainly men whose humor lies with the slap-stick comedy.

Then you had Frito-Lay and Coke utilizing Black History month and the fact that for the first time in history, two black coaches were opposing each other in the Superbowl. So they added “today” in their history books.  They were nice commercials, which I believe would reach out to their target audiences.  They were tasteful and appealing commercials, yet will that make the black community run to the markets to purchase their products? Most likely they already are. But their main objective, in my opinion, was getting their name out there – brand recognition – and letting America know they support Black History. Not a bad idea.

GoDaddy.com – another stupid commercial – did anyone catch the OCC  though rating the dancer! I had to rewind a few times to be sure it was them! I am sure there were other “celebrities” in the commercial, but again, personally I thought the commercial was a flop. But it is all about brand recognition and even though they have been airing commercials during the Superbowl for the past 2 years, it put their name out there once again – to remind people they are still out there.

Doritos – only two commercials. I liked the first one! I thought it was creative – I may be biased since I love Doritos, but what the heck, I say it was one of my favorite commercials. I liked how the “novice” described the character’s traits with words that would describe the chip. I thought it was ingenious. I liked it. And thought it was funny in a corny way!  The other commercial was just dumb – the one with the cashier getting all worked up over the different flavor Doritos the customer was purchasing.

But the commercial that actually had me laughing out loud – and I like to do that – was the Blockbuster Total Access – the one with the bunnies trying to access the site with the mouse! At first I thought they were giving it CPR! When I realized what they were trying to do, I laughed! That commercial was great – really creative. Even though mouse and mouse have been linked before, it was done in a way that was comical and kept the viewers interest. This commercial would appeal to mainly the movie watchers that love the animated flicks such as “Over the Hedge”.  Ingenious.

Pizza Hut – dud.

CareerBuilders.com – so so. I thought it was Survivor meets LOST – perhaps that is what they were going for. I thought it was creative enough, but at first watch, it just seemed annoying.

Most of the commercials did that for me. While watching the ads, I was extremely disappointed. A lot of critics say they were overly violent. Maybe I am already desensitized, but I didn’t think there was anything terrible regarding that. I thought the heart association commercial was appropriate – it was clearly a man dressed as a heart with villain type characters attacking him. I think we can all distinguish against “superhero” action vs. real life violence. All in all I thought that public announcement – I won’t even call it a commercial – was effective.

But like I stated previously, most of the commercials were a big DISAPPOINTMENT – lacking creativity and appeal. Better luck next year!


Channel Surfing

Last night I was watching TV. I don’t usually get the chance to do that.  I forgot what I used to watch! So I flipped through the channels. I started with Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Finally, an episode with a feel good attitude but the family got annoying after a while. I don’t mean to be harsh or anything, but I think if it was my family on TV – I wouldn’t want half of my personal life aired in such a way. But then again, I would be getting a brand new house so maybe it would be worth the bit of embarrassment!  So I watched that for a bit and flipped between that and “You’re the one that I want”, the reality show looking for the next Danny and Sandy for the Broadway musical, “Grease”.  I didn’t get that involved in it. It seems interesting enough.

By 9:00, I was watching “Desperate Housewives”, a show I have been following for a long period of time. I don’t believe I missed many episodes this season, despite my lack of time in front of the TV.  I just love Carlos and Gaby! And if that little girl isn’t just like her mother – poor Linette!  Speaking of girls being like their mother, I guess Julie is following in her mother’s footsteps as well.  Oh well, I guess it was inevitable – I mean who ever heard of a ‘good girl’ on a soap!  So a half hour goes by and finally “Apprentice LA” premieres.

One question – what planet is Martin from? Seriously – who dresses like this – I’ve never seen a lawyer appear in that fashion – not one that wants to be taken seriously anyway!  I was so relieved to see him be the first one out the door! I tell you one thing – Frank may not be too far behind. He may be good, but if he continues being whiny and boisterous, he may be the next to go. I like the fact that the winning team’s task manager is in the board room and I think Ivanka is doing a great job. Am I the only one who thinks she is like an overgrown child on the playground though? I had to laugh at the way she called Martin out! “OH no you didn’t!” It was as if she was actually saying, “Daddy, Martin shoved me off the swiiinnnggg. He wasn’t playing nice.” She makes a perfect tattle-tale! She is not afraid to speak up and say it like it is to her father – nice touch.

Not sure that I like the whole tent city idea – too much Survival meets Apprentice for me. The mansion is a nice touch though, better than the hotels. So I will be keeping my eye on this show this season as best I can. I have so much in my life – real life – that I don’t have much time for the TV.  I was real disappointed that “The Nine”, “Kidnapped” and “Six Degrees” all seemed to faulter – I liked the shows, but at least I am not a slave to the television watching them. What is really surprising is the fact that “Studio 60…” is still on! I mean, I tried to like this show, but I just cannot connect with the characters, especially the ones that are supposed to be the comics on the show – I think they are all terrible. I cannot believe the network is holding on to it. I hope they shake it up with the writing staff, because I too sort of want to see it work. I so much wanted to like the show, but as it is now, I can’t stand to watch another episode!

OK back to my real life now! So much to do. Anxiously awaiting the next wave of LOST episodes!