60 years ago, a wonderful woman was born in Brooklyn!

And so was my mom!


Happy Birthday MOM – you are a blessing in my life. You taught me how to be the woman I am today, how to be the (hopefully) wonderful mother to my children – as you were to me. You are still a strong presence in my life. I hear your advice and wonder what you would do when I am faced with a dilemma.  Yes, you’ve made mistakes, but you admit them and from them I, too, have learned.

I am not perfect. I wasn’t the easiest to handle as a child. But I am proud of who I am. You never cease to express your pride in me and I appreciate your admiration. But please believe me when I say, I would not be half of who I am without you and dad by my side, encouraging, supporting and yes, even reprimanding me.

You taught me everything in life and in turn I am passing it on to my children. I only hope and pray that I am doing as good a job as you did for me.

I love you – always and forever.

May God always walk beside you and lift you up when you need the boost. May you always feel his presence and know that although some loved ones have left you, they live on in your heart and you don’t need to contact anyone to feel them close to you – just close your eyes and pray and God will lead you to happy memories and moments and you will feel their closeness again.

May you have many more birthdays to celebrate! For today, is the the first day of the rest of your life – make it fulfilling!

I love you, Elaine


My Annual Christmas Card

No – not posting a picture up here.  Although I must say they are 2 of the best looking youngsters around! But I may be partial!

My cousin thinks I tortured my son (14) by taking his picture in front of our tree for out annual card. He was beside his sister (11).  They insisted on adding our dog – see my avatar – in the picture as well!

Let’s just say Wolf was the most cooperative of the 3!

Seriously, my kids just don their outfits – they wore jeans, and a shirt. My son wore a red sweater and my daughter a white t-shirt that read “dear Santa, I want it ALL” – it was very appropriate! They were barefoot and stood in front of our decorated tree.

Naturally, the picture captured their entire body. But thanks to modern technology and the workings of my photoshop program, I cropped the picture to just their torso and the dog’s upper body! You couldn’t tell they were in jeans and had nothing on their feet! I ordered my cards through Costco online and the next day they were out in the mail! Most of the recipients received their cards just in time on December 23rd! (I am very last minute!)

Now I pose my question – is 14 too old for a picture card? What is the proper age to end? My kids don’t seem to mind, but are they secretly being tortured!

And one more question – how do you feel when you get those pictures as a card? What are your reactions – do you like it or are you repulsed by it. AND while we are on topic – what do you think about “letters” included in your cards – you know the ones – where they tell you what they have been up to the past 12 months!

Please respond – I really am curious – and so is Kat!

New Year – New Theme


Two of my favorite colors – purple and green.

Let’s see how long this will last.

Happy New Year

A New Theme To Get Us Through The Holidays!




I have been very busy – see my last post!

Christmas always has me running around in circles.

This year – Santa is very behind schedule – but that is OK since my kids are 14 and 11. They will understand.

But where can I find the Wii system anywhere! I read last month that the supply will outweigh the demand for this – better than PS3. Hah what a joke! I was in Best Buy the other day and they announced a shipment of PS3 but they couldn’t tell me when they would be getting Wii! I should have grabbed the PS3 but my son doesn’t want it! So why bother. My point is that I should never listen to anyone – and I should have purchased the Wii when it came out, before the hysteria. But lack of funds prevented me from doing such a thing. Now here it is 4.5 days away and I am Wii-less! (not to mention DS-lite lite!) Didn’t think that would be a problem getting either! Guess I was wrong!

So, taking a break from my shopping dilemmas,  I log onto WordPress and see my blog is getting much activity. I guess tis the season to look up naked girls! My Vanessa Williams post is out of control with an average of 700 hits a day.


Merry Christmas!

Things keeping me busy these days…

  1. Taking orders for the middle school yearbook
  2. still organizing my basement
  3. taking pictures for middle school yearbook
  4. walking 4 miles a day
  5. MITIprayer group for middle schoolers
  6. MITIprayer group for high schoolers
  7. teaching 2nd graders Religion to prepare them for Reconciliation in January and First Holy Communion in April 2007
  8. preparing for Christmas
  9. stressing over taking two classes in Spring
  10. chauffeuring my two children to: lacrosse practice, dance lessons, twirling (baton) lessons, guitar lessons, and scout meetings – at least football and cheering are over!

Not to mention:

  1. maintaining the house – keeping it clean
  2. prepping dinner every day – tricky when afternoons are hectic!
  3. keeping up with the laundry – why does it mount up so much?
  4. clearing out my junk e-mail – not to mention the regular mail
  5. arguing with asinine customer service reps at credit card companies that seem to charge me late fees when – of all things – I am early with my bills!
  6. stressing over paying said bills! (usually between the 20th of one month to the 10th of the following month! – which gives me 10 days to breathe easy, except of course if I am PMS-ing at that time!)
  7. referee-ing my children when they act up – not often but usually during those 10 days as stated above!
  8. washing dishes that accumulate in the sink during the day – at least 3 times I am standing there (no – I don’t have a dishwasher – I AM THE DISHWASHER!)

Why does it seem to be so much more than it does when you write them down! I don’t feel like I have 10 minutes to myself, yet when reading this over, it appears like it can all be done in a few hours! I guess the running around takes up most of the time – and energy!

Two More Classes!

I started this blog last year. January of 2006 to be exact.

The reason why I began this blog was because it was mandatory for the class that I was taking. I enjoyed it. I got an “A” in the class. I continued to blog!

It was an online class – I will not get into the specifics of the class –  you could read my archives to the right during the months of January – April/early May and you will get a feel for the class content!

Ok – I took the summer off and even this Fall. Not purposely. I wanted to take another class but life got in the way! But this time I didn’t let it pass me by. I registered for two more classes for a total of 6 credits. Being a stay at home mother of two children who happen to keep me quite busy, I am hoping I can handle the load!

I will be taking a Promotional Writing class (mandatory for my degree in Communications) and an Advertising class as well. Both are online classes which is great since I do not live near Buffalo – where I will be getting my degree from!

After these two classes, I will only need 4 more credits to earn my degree! Woo- Hoo! And then it is graduate school for me to earn my Masters in Education! I have been teaching Sunday school (on Wednesdays!) for the past 8 years. I have a lot of experience in the classroom.  I just need this degree to get a job that will pay me!

I think I will take the extra 4 credits at Empire State College. I think I will enroll in the Nutrition class! It will not help me with my profession, but I think it will come in handy in life! Cause I’m not exactly eating the best I could! You know what I mean!

Another interesting class is History of Math. People look at me like I am crazy when I say that, but hey – I like Math, and the history of it seems intriguing to me – so why not. I contemplated taking some family dynamics classes, figuring it will come in handy dealing with the children and their parents! So sociology classes and psychology classes seem fitting. But all I need is an additional 4 more credits! So I will decide in a few months what to do with those! If I had the time, and the money – I would be a professional student! I love learning, I love the classroom – that is why I want to be a teacher! Ironic that I am taking online classes though!