Why Way2Much?

Reasons why I picked Way2Much as my title. In other words what in my life do I have way too much of:

  1. pounds on my body – I am not bad, but not where I would like to be at
  2. sports – my children are involved in so much – I am always running to one practice/game or another (perhaps I should participate and I would lose reason #1!)
  3. volunteer work – I can't seem to say NO to someone who needs help
  4. PTA – if I agree to run another fundraiser or help out on another committee, my family may just disown me – but it's for the children's sake!
  5. clutter – I am working on it but it's difficult – the papers and junk just keep piling up. (I just found a book about de-cluttering under a pile of papers – it's so bad it's funny)
  6. cobwebs in my head – I am so scatterbrained it's not funny – but some say it is part of my charm! (Ok so I'm the only one that says it!)

These are things that I don't have per se but qualities I posess – way too much, things I do, etc:

  1. overgeneralize
  2. complain about my back (2 herniated disc that act up from time to time)
  3. nag my kids to clean their rooms
  4. hmmm got to think of more – I am sure there are plenty (work in progress)
  5. Time on my hands! – I think NOT, but some think I do since I find time for things like blogging!

People do way too much of the following that really makes me angry:

  1. make mountains out of molehills – you know the ones – everything is a catastrophe.
  2. rely on material things to consider themselves worthy
  3. lack of signals while driving!
  4. litter on the streets – it is disgusting – have some pride
  5. watch porn – and degrade woman because of it
  6. emphasis on physical beauty (this not coming from an ugly person if I do say so myself but this is one of my biggest pet peeves)
  7. gossip, backstabbing,etc and smile and say hello to their face (when they want something)
  8. blame put on others, anybody but themselves. Take responsibility for  your's and your family's actions.

This page will be constantly updated as things come to mind.  I thought I had a ton of things to write about, but the above are the only ones that come to mind as of now.  Check back from time to time.

I'd like to hear what you guys think you have Way2Much of.


3 Responses to “Why Way2Much?”

  1. bloglily Says:

    I think that’s a fabulous question. I have way too much: (1) stuff. I would like our family to be much more respectful of material things because I think that’s a good way to show respect for the work of the people who make them and worked to buy them.
    (2) love of good blogs. It’s a good thing/bad thing. I feel so delighted when I discover good writing, honest sites, fine voices. I want to read everything until I realize I haven’t grocery shopped and if I don’t, we’ll all starve.

    Like most of us, and one thing I love about your site, is that I want to see it all nicely balanced. But until then, I want to have way2much fun with my family and friends, have way2much love and happiness, even if there’s way2much stress sometimes on the way2justenough.

    Thank you for asking this fine question.

    Best, BL

  2. Nic Says:

    Dear Way2Much,

    I’m currently writing my dissertation on ‘What is obscenity in contemporary Western culture’.

    I’d very much like to quote you within my dissertation because I love what you have to say with regards to the subject.

    However, forgive me if I am blind, or perhaps just stupid, but I’ve been unable to identify a name for you to reference in my bibliography.

    So if you could get back to me with a name, that’d be great!!

    Thanks for you time!

    Kind regards,

    Nic Cranch

  3. loubank Says:

    Saw a couple of posts about Andrew Vachss on your blog, way2much, and thought you’d want to know that he’ll be featured on a three-hour webcast on January 14. He’ll answer as many questions as he can, live on camera. If you like his Parade articles, you’ll really like the live show. More info at vachss dot com. Thanks!

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